Special Events

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In addition to ongoing programming, the Pflugerville Public Library hosts several special events each year. Our annual events highlight everything from reading to popular culture and beyond.

Upcoming Special Events:


Kids celebrating at a library party



June 3 - July 29: Summer Reading Program




solar eclipse



Summer 2017: Solar Eclipse Event




Comic Con teens 



September 30, 2017: Comic Con




   Annual events for all ages:


Pet Fest Dog


Pet Pfest



Pflugerville Book Fest panel


Pflugerville Book Pfestival




Robotic eyes


Maker Pfest




Stormtroopers reading


Star Wars Reads Day





Annual events for children:




 An Afternoon with Santa





Annual events for teens:


Teen Job Pfair sign



Teen Job Pfair



Teen filming in front a green screen.


Teen Tech Week





Annual events for adults:


poetry reading


National Poetry Month






Romance Readers' Social