2015 Teen Reviews

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Local teens review young adult books and more.

If you are a teen and you are interested in writing reviews for the website and teen event brochure, email a librarian for more information.

The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

Starting from when Achilles and his companion, Patroclus, were very young and spanning to after the events of The Trojan war, this narrative of their life and story shines light on new sides of Achilles and explores the depth of their relationship. With breathtaking writing, The Song of Achilles makes for a beautiful companion to Homer’s Iliad, filling you with every emotion and absolute love for these classic characters. -E.W.

Yard War by Taylor Kitchings

In 1964 Jackson Mississippi, when segregation was severe, Trip Westbrook invites his family’s black maid’s son, Dee Washington, to play football with him and his friends. Over time more and more prejudice is targeted at Trip and his family because of that simple act to the point of their house being vandalized and shamed. He defied the adults of his town multiple times, whom he has always obeyed. What started out as a simple football game ended up a major Yard War. -B.E.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (illustrated edition) by J. K. Rowling; illustrated by Jim Kay

One of the most beloved stories of the new age, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: Illustrated Edition, creates a new adventure by magically bringing J.K. Rowling’s words to life by illustrating them into colorful works of art. The artwork of this newly released edition, which follows the style of the book series’ covers, is outstanding, and provides us a new look into the wizarding world. If you’re looking to travel to the past or even if you simply love a book about a boy wizard, this new edition is for you. -K.L.

We’ll Never Be Apart by Emiko Jean

Promises can be a dangerous thing, as we learn in this hauntingly beautiful tale about 17 year-old Alice Monroe, who has been committed to a mental facility, because of a fire that her sister set. When she starts writing in her journal, we learn just how much Cellie—Alice's twisted twin—has ruined her life. Just how far will she go to get her revenge? And Chance—a handsome new patient—is going to help her get it. This page turner has romance, plot twists and so much more, that you'll have to read it again. The characters and plot are so well thought out and designed, that this has quickly become one of my favorite books. I could not put this book down, and it was almost always on my mind when I wasn't reading it. –A.L.