Teen Job Pfair

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Connecting local teens with employment & volunteer opportunities.

March 7, 2020, 2-4 pm

Maurices representativeThe Pflugerville Public Library hosts a Teen Job Pfair each year in early March. This event is a great opportunity for local businesses to find part-time and seasonal employees.

This event is FREE to both employers and teens. Teens do NOT need to register to attend.

Employers and volunteer organizations interested in participating in this free event may contact Amanda Cawthon at amandac@pflugervilletx.gov to register. Employers that register by January 31, 2020 will be featured on event posters and online advertisements.

The Pfair is open to teens ages 15 to 19, but keep in mind that employers set varying minimum age requirements and that positions for teens under the age of 16 are very limited.

2020 Participating Employers

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Volunteer Opportunities
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Participating businesses and organizations will be added as they are confirmed. Please note that last minute changes may occur due to extenuating circumstances.


Job Fair Tips for Teens

Don’t be nervous. The employers at the Pfair are excited for the opportunity to meet you.

Before the Pfair, practice shaking hands, using good eye contact, and speaking clearly. 

Bring copies of your resume. Even if employers don’t require one, it is helpful to have one to refer to when filling out job applications. You will need your address, social security number, relevant education and experience, and references.

Bring a pen and small notebook to take notes.

Dress neatly and comfortably. You don’t need a suit, but skip the t-shirt and jeans.

Silence your cell phone and leave it in your pocket or purse.

Ask your parents to wait outside the job fair. You will make a better impression on employers if you approach them on your own.

Don’t chew gum or eat while speaking to employers.

Teen Job Pfair application stationTexas Child Labor Law

Learn about employment laws for teens under 18 years of age on the Texas Workforce Commission website.