Pflugerville Lib Con 2019 Cosplay Guidelines

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September 28, 2019

Lady DeadpoolGuidelines

Costumes must be PG and Pfamily-Pfriendly. All costume props and weapons are subject to the approval of library staff. Pflugerville Public Library reserves the right to refuse the entry of a costume that Library staff decides is unfit for an audience of all ages. Costumes deemed inappropriate for a family-friendly event will not be allowed to enter the convention or participate in the costume contests.

There will be zero tolerance for harassment. Keep your hands to yourself. If you would like to take a picture with or of someone, ask permission. Please inform Library staff if you experience or witness any form of harassment.

Props & Weapons:

  • Prop or handmade fake weapons are allowed, and are the responsibility of the cosplayer at all times.
  • All props are subject to review by library staff.
  • Weapons with a metal blade (sharpened or not) will not be allowed.
  • “NERF”, air soft, paintball and water guns with the firing mechanism disabled will be allowed.
  • Any prop weapon resembling a gun/firearm MUST have an orange-colored tip. We will have orange tape at the door if you need it.
  • Misuse of a prop or engaging in any type of inappropriate behavior (fighting, sparring, pointing prop weapons at others, horseplay) will result in the immediate removal of the prop and may lead to staff asking cosplayers to leave the library.
  • Do not wear any uniforms that may be too realistic. You should not be confused with official law enforcement or military personnel.

Online entry forms for the contest will be made available in September.