Parents & Caregivers

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Borrow Books, Movies, & More

Children 5 years and older may check out library materials by signing up for a library card. Learn how to sign up for a library card.

Computer Use

The library has 12 computer stations for kids available in the children's room. Adults with children in attendance may also use the children's room computers.

For your convenience, links to these popular websites are displayed on the computer desktops:

Unattended Children

Young children should be supervised while in the library. A parent or an adult caregiver is expected to remain with children up to age 8 at library programs.

If children under age 15 are left at the library after closing, library staff will call the police to come wait with the child until they are picked up.

Parenting Books

 We have a large collection of parenting books available in the Adult Nonfiction section.

  • 306.8 - Marriage and Parenting
  • 371 - Teachers, Methods, & Disciplines
  • 372 - Elementary Education
  • 613 - Health and Hygiene (Look in the Juvenile Nonfiction collection for kid-specific titles)
  • 616.8 - Mental Health (Look in the Young Adult Nonfiction collection for additional titles)
  • 618.92 - Pediatrics
  • 649 - Parenting, Caregiving