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Laser Cutter

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The Library now owns a Full Spectrum 45W Hobby Laser Cutter. The laser cutter cuts various materials, including wood, acrylic, paper, fabric and more.  It can also engrave various materials. For a full listing of specifications, visit the Full Spectrum Material Applications page. The laser can cut materials up to 1/4" thick and 12" wide by 20" long and it can engrave thicker materials. 

The library is currently hosting demos, and we'll begin offering hands-on classes on September 10th. Once you've completed the training, you can make an appointment with staff to use the machine with assistance. Materials used must be on our list of approved materials. (Materials that are sold as 'laserable' are not necessarily approved for the Pfab Lab. Please request the MSDS for any item sold online as 'laserable'.)

Download our list of resources for designing files for the laser cutter.

If you have questions about a specific material that is not on this list or what the laser cutter can do, contact Bette at

Laser cutter